Booking Events

  • Events at the Grainary at Lake Valley Farm can be booked starting January 12, 2019

  • We will be booking for August 2019 and beyond

  • Head to our contact page and fill out our inquiry form


  • Reservations are first come first serve

  • Reservations are complete after the non-refundable deposit is made (½ of the venue cost)

Event Insurance

  • A required liability insurance policy must be purchased by bride and groom as stated in contract

  • Coverage can be obtained through your choice of agency or from companies such as WedSafe and WedSure


  • No required list of vendors

  • We do have a preferred list of vendors you may choose from

  • All vendors must be licensed in the state of Wisconsin

  • Vendors must clean up after themselves


  • We follow all Wisconsin laws regarding alcohol at events

  • Weddings that have liquor, a licensed bar tender in the State of Wisconsin must be hired

  • Alcohol cannot be sold at any event at the Grainary, including “donations”

  • There must be at least one designated person, that ensures no one underage is consuming alcohol and no one is being over served